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Chicago Resume Expert creates interview-generating resumes that work and compelling cover letters from their office in the Chicagoland area.

We create interview-generating resumes and effective cover letters that work. Take advantage of employing our company to create your resume is the objectivity we use in evaluating and presenting your skills and accomplishments. We are able to present you in a marketable manner that will create greater employer interest.

When you are interviewing for a TV Producer job, it is important that your best TV jobs do not get hidden in your resume. Sometimes some of your best work with big name TV networks occurred a few years ago and it is still important to have that featured prominently. We do not want your work with prominent TV networks to get buried in your resume so in these cases, it is a great idea to use a ‘Selected Highlights’ section, so we can feature a spotlight on the big names you have done work for on the front of the resume so it is featured very prominently and has a greater impact. You always want to showcase your best stuff on the first page!