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Chicago Resume Expert creates interview-generating resumes that work and compelling cover letters from their office in the Chicagoland area.

We create interview-generating resumes and effective cover letters that work. Take advantage of employing our company to create your resume is the objectivity we use in evaluating and presenting your skills and accomplishments. We are able to present you in a marketable manner that will create greater employer interest.

When writing a Chief Technology Officer resume, it is important to make sure your resume clearly showcases the impact you have made in each company and business you have worked for. To do this requires selecting a format structure that would draw the eye to the business impact section. This can be done by citing results right in the introduction and continuing the theme throughout the resume with bolded ‘impact’ statement along with the decision to bold quantifiable accomplishments. The recruiter reading your resume will be drawn to the bolded ‘impact’ statements right away and it will stand out.